MY GOD, WHAT IS IT???                                                                                                          052T_400x400

Citibeat is the last gasp of a dying technology – a full-blown rock’n’roll radio program that connects the dots from the early pioneers to tomorrow’s hottest new bands.

Citibeat is hosted by Ed Slota, who has forgotten more about rock’n’roll than most people will ever remember.

Citibeat is a throwback to the days when DJ’s were allowed the have personality and play things because they were cool and interesting rather than because a corporate suit decided that this is what everyone should listen to. (Don’t believe me? Go try to listen to those guys on the Ivy League station for more than five minutes. Go ahead. I’ll wait.)

See, I told you so.

Citibeat is the only radio program left that is worth making the time to listen to.

So listen this Tuesday from 7-10PM.

Because once Ed’s gone, this kind of show will never happen again.