Show Tunes in the Afternoon

Lectric LarDJ ‘Lectric Lar’ hosts “Show Tunes in the Afternoon” which features music from Broadway, Off-Broadway, Almost-Broadway and London musical theatre.

The show also features interviews with local theatre groups. The interviews draw out the secrets behind the scenes. Many times the groups provide a couple of free tickets for listeners to win on the air.

‘Lectric Lar’, conceived the idea for the show during the summer of 2004. Having been involved with theatre since 1974 when he was in high school, he is familiar with the music, which includes up-lifting, emotion provoking, and just plain fun songs. Tidbits and trivia about the shows are interspersed between sets, revealing the rich history of the genre.

Each week the show also presents a list of theatrical productions that are currently running or will be opening soon in the “What’s On Stage” segment.

The show first aired on February 14, 2005 at 3 P.M.