Music for Sunday Playlist for August 6, 2017

Tim Ray                                                        Joy                                                 Windows

Phyllis Blanford                                         Good Morning Kiss                      Edgewalker

Freddy Cole                                                Maybe it’s Because I Love You   He Was The King

Dave Victorino                                          Invoidable                                       Boleros, Ballads & Bossa Novas

Walter Kemp                                             Color My Continent                      Dark Continent

Jerry Bergonzi                                           Gabriella                                         Spotlight on Standards

Chaise Lounge                                          A Cold, Cold Day in N.O.              The Lock and The Key

Darden Purcell                                         This Bitter Earth                             Where The Blue Begin

Corey Christiansen                                 John Hardy                                       Factory Girl

JD Allen                                                    Bigger Thomas                                 Americana

Abbey Lincoln                                          Living Room                                     Love Having You

Charlie Haden                                         Blue In Green                                    Time/Life

Greg Murphy                                           Sophisticated Lady                           Summer Breeze

Erik Jekabson                                          A Piece of the Action                       Erik Jekabson Quintet

Jimmy Greene                                         Second Breakfast                             Beautiful Life Vol II

Sweet Lu Olustosin                                Skin Game                                         Meet Me At The Crossroads

Terry Gibbs                                              Take The “A” Train                         92 Years Young

Colorado Jazz Orchestra                       I’m Old Fashioned                          Invitation

Oscar Hernandez                                    Alma Libre                                       The Art of Latin Jazz

Jesse Cook                                               On Walks the Night                        The Best of Narada

Kevin Eubanks                                       Watercolors                                      East West Time Line

Rick Britto                                               In The Sky                                         In The Sky

Hal Galper                                               O’s Time                                            Live At The Cota Jazz Festival

Sarah Partridge                                      Tatto                                                   Bright Lights & Promises

Rick Britto                                               My Mama                                          In The Sky

Rick Britto                                               Summer’s Night                               For Your Love