Music for Sunday Playlist for August 27, 2017

Steve Langone                                    Down by the Riverside                               Breathe

WDR Big Band                                   Oops                                                               Steppin’ Out

Marcus Monteiro                              Easier Said Than Done                               Another Part of Me

Dick Brewer                                       Buena Vista                                                   It’s All About Latin

Ron Francis Blake                            Night Dream                                                 Assimilation

John Stein                                          Switcheroo                                                    Wood & Strings

Carlos Vega                                        On A Mission                                                Bird’s Up

Armsted Christian                            In The Morning                                            The Wave is Coming

Terry Gibbs                                        All The Things You Are                               92 Years Young

Miles Donahue                                  Swamp House                                               The Bug

Mary Stallings                                   You Send Me                                                 Feelin’ Good

Gerald Cannon                                  One For Amos                                               Communications

Andy Adamson                                 Sunny Side Up                                               First Light

Gregory Porter                                 Take Me To The Alley                                  Take Me To The Alley

Wynton Marsalis                             La Cantatrice                                                  The Music of John Lewis

Joey DeFrancesco                            Project Freedom                                            Project Freedom

Greg Murphy                                   Cedar Salad                                                      Summer Breeze

Steve Kahn                                       Head Start                                                        Backlog

Jimmy Greene                                 Flowers                                                             Flowers – Vol II

Barbara Morrison                          Save Your Love For Me                                  I Love You, Yes I Do

Christian Sands                             Use Me                                                               Reach

Lena Horne                                    Something to Live For                                    We’ll Be Together Again

Nate Najar                                     500 Miles High                                                 This is Nate Najar

Houston Person                           Gentle Rain                                                        Jazz with Gentle Rhythms