Blitzkrieg Playlist for September 29, 2017

Alice In Chains – Get Born Again
Winger – Feeding Frenzy
Motorhead – Breaking The Law
AC/DC – Get It Hot
Venom – Black Xmas
Budgie – Zoom Club
Budgie – Secrets In My Head
Alice Cooper – Tag, You’re It
Alice Cooper – Chop, Chop, Chop
Slayer – Ina Gadda Da-Vida
Decomposed – Eaten By Acid
Sword – Caught In The Act
Tora Tora – Love’s A Bitch
Vinnie Vincent Invasion – Boyz Are Gonna Rock
Queensryche – Spreading The Disease
System Of A Down – Know
Lion – Victim Of Circumstance
Shok Paris – Exhibit A
Ratt – Slip Of The Lip
Lynch Mob – I’ll Take Miami
Chaos Horde – Needle Damage
Racer X – Set The World On Fire (Live)
Mercyful Fate – The Preacher
Obituary – Gates Of Hell
Salty Dog – Where The Sun Don’t Shine
Letchen Grey – Can’t Help It
Black Sabbath – Rat Salad
Pantera – I Am The Night
Blue Cheer – Pull The Trigger
Alice In Chains – Died