Blitzkrieg Playlist for October 6, 2017

Royal Tramps – On Your Feet
A-II-Z – No Fun After Midnight
Elise – Hell Of A Fight
Helix – Let’s All Do It Tonight
Soilent Green – 12 Oz. Prophet
Lizzy Borden – Me Against The World
Lizzy Borden – Rod Of Iron
Lizzy Borden – Give ‘Em The Axe
Annihilator – Wicked Mystic
Hackneyed – Redying
Goldsmith – Life Is Killing Me
Vandenberg – Heading For A Storm
David T. Chastain – Within The Heat
Motorhead – Whiplash
Anthrax – Metal Thrashing Mad
Megadeth – Take No Prisoners
Girlschool – Girls On Top
Anthem – Red Light Fever
Pestilence – Process Of Suffocation
Lordi – Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
Axe – Rock N Roll Party In The Streets
Pierce – Metal Head Dolls
Accept – What’s Done Is Done
Badlands – Hard Driver
The Autumn Offering – Bleed Together
Overkill – Brainfade
Savatage – Doesn’t Matter Anyway
Hammerfall – The Way Of The Warrior
Quiet Riot – Knock ‘Em Down