Blitzkrieg Playlist for October 27, 2017

Motorhead – Hell On Earth
Misfits – Scarecrow Man
Omen – Prince Of Darkness
Incubus – To The Devil A Daughter
King Diamond – Halloween
Megadeth – Into The Lungs Of Hell
Lizzy Borden – Shock
Lizzy Borden – Betrayer (Demo)
Alice Cooper – Prince Of Darkness
Dio – Evil Eyes
Icarus Witch – Black Candles
Dokken – Dream Warriors
Fastway – Trick Or Treat
Overkill – Raise The Dead
Savatage – Scream Murder
Raven – Live At The Inferno
Dio – Dream Evil
Venom – Black Xmas
Mercyful Fate – Nightmare Be Thy Name
Lizzy Borden – There Will Be Blood
Meliah Rage – Bates Motel
Rigor Mortis – Wizard Of Gore
Metal Church – The Dark
Lizzy Borden – There Will Be Blood
Danzig – Naked Witch
Lordi – The Deadite Girls Gone Wild
Rob Zombie – The Lords Of Salem
Rob Zombie – The Devil’s Rejects