Blitzkrieg Playlist for December 1, 2017

Motorhead – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Sweet Savage – Killing Time
Six Feet Under – On The Road
Jodo – One Night Stand
Black Sabbath – Back To Eden
Slayer – Born To Be Wild
AC/DC – Shake Your Foundations
Spread Eagle – Suzy Suicide
Avenger – Too Wild To Tame
Avenger – Run For Your Life
Avenger – Under The Hammer
Nephasth – Visions Of Fury
Armored Saint – Nervous Man (Live)
Holy Moses – Corroded Dreams
Diamond Head – Lightning To The Nations
Pestilence – Process Of Suffocation
Deaf Dealer – Sadist
Lizzy Borden – Outcast
Frehley’s Comet – We Got Your Rock
Heaven – Where Angels Fear To Tread
Dr. Chud’s X-Ward – Heavy Metal
Heretic – Let ‘Em Bleed
Hate – No Life After Death
Roxx Gang – No Easy Way Out
Rage – Make My Day
Savatage – Hyde
Queensryche – Walk In The Shadows
The Exploited – Liar
Bulletboys – Crank Me Up
L.A. Guns – Speed
Budgie – Hellbender
Dust To Dust – Mr. Doe