Blitzkrieg Playlist for February 9, 2018

The Rich
Kiss – Two Timer
Quartz – Riot In The City
Kelley’s Heroes – Nervous Breakdown
Coldworker – Reversing The Order
Alice Cooper – Teenage Frankenstein
Alice Cooper – Muscle Of Love
Alice Cooper – You Drive Me Nervous
Northwind – Stop Sisyphus Stop
Motley Crue – Tonight (We Need A Lover)
Mastodon – Show Yourself
Sacred Child – Bad As You Want It
Sepultura – Mass Hypnosis
Judas Priest – Lightning Strike
Tora Tora – Love’s A…..
Queensryche – Warning
Fireball Ministry – Back On Earth
Mama’s Boys – Hard N Loud
Battlezone – Voice On The Radio
Pathology – Hostility Towards Conformity
Loudness – Soul On Fire
Anthem – Warning Action!
Doro – World Gone Wild
Chariot – Evil Eye
Killer Dwarfs – Dirty Weapons
Winger – Hell To Pay
Storms Approach – Hidden Away
Letchen Grey – No Way Out
Slave Raider – Jailbreak