Blitzkrieg Playlist for February 16, 2018

Budgie – Secrets In My Head
Griffin – Creeper
Warlock – Lady In A Rock N Roll Hell
McQueen Street – Stick It
Vader – Revolt
Alice Cooper – Prince Of Darkness
Alice Cooper – Caught In A Dream
Fireball Ministry – The Answer
Halford – God Bringer Of Death
Diabolical – Human Control
D.R.I. – Thrashard
TKO – Working Girl
Warlord – Child Of The Damned
Dokken – Til’ The Living End
Loudness – Rise To Glory
Kataklysm – Let Them Burn
Venom – Manitou
Girlschool – High And Dry
Grave Digger – Witch Hunter
Savage Grace – Age Of Innocence
Judas Priest – The Ripper
Sound Barrier – Speed Of Light
Syar – Deep In The Night
White Night – This Is Rock
Exorcist – Queen Of The Dead
Skid Row – Riot Act
Citizen Kane – Hot Blooded Rocker
Rock Boulevard – I Live For Rock N Roll
The Sword – How Heavy This Axe
Rob Zombie – 17 Year Locust
Sacred Steel – Carnage Rules The Fields Of Death