Blitzkrieg Playlist for March 16, 2018

Plasmatics – Stop
Zodiac Mindwarp – Backseat Education
Suicidal Tendencies – Master Of No Mercy
Kelley’s Heroes – Hard Luck Livin’
Through The Eyes Of The Dead – The Undead Parade
Judas Priest – Spectre
Judas Priest – Cheater
Lazy Susan – Wine Me, Dine Me
Y&T – Go For The Throat
Skeletonwitch – Upon Wings Of Black
Anthem – Turn Back To The Night
Overkill – Overkill
Gary Moore – Shapes Of Things
Fireball Ministry – Remember The Story
D.C. Lacroix – Rip It Up
Kreator – Tormentor
Sweet Pain – Back In L.A.
Noize Toys – Neighborhood Nightmare
Michael Schenker Fest – Warrior
Bloodbath – Devouring The Feeble
Laaz Rockit – Off The Deep End
Tattoo – Ball Breaker
Eden – Pound It Out
Since The Flood – I Am Revenge
Udo – We Want It Loud
Tora Tora – She’s Good, She’s Bad
Lynch Mob – Main Offender
Britny Fox – Six Guns Loaded (Live)
Black Sabbath – TV Crimes