Blitzkrieg Playlist for April 13, 2018

Alice Cooper – He’s Back (Man Behind The Mask)
David Michael Phillips – King Of Kool
Judas Priest – What’s My Name
Joetown – Finger
Killer Dwarfs – Think Systems
Helix – Feel The Fire
Saxon – Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz)
Saxon – Princess Of The Night
Witchtomb – Skinned
Faster Pussycat – Bottle In Front Of Me
220 Volt – The Harder They Fall
Lamb Of God – As The Palaces Burn
Motley Crue – Bastard
Breaker – Dead Rider
Smashed Gladys – Hard To Swallow
Michael Schenker Fest – Heart And Soul
Shok Paris – Lost Queen
Porphyria – End Flesh Divinity
Anthem – Soldiers
Kix – Sex
Viking – Burning From Within
Motorhead – Traitor
Vicious Rumors – Minute To Kill
Cats In Boots – Heaven On A Heartbeat
Sword – Dare To Spit
Strong Intention – Monuments
Body Count – Raining Blood/Post Mortem
Twisted Sister – Sin After Sin
Halford – Screaming In The Dark
Pentagram – Treat Me Right
Danzig – Her Black Wings