Blitzkrieg Playlist for May 11, 2018

Metallica – Crash Course In Brain Surgery
Breaker – Run For Your Life
Danger Zone – Victim Of Time
Hiroshima – Taste Of Death
Black N Blue – Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Helix – William Tell Overture
Helix – Skin In The Game
Helix – Breaking Loose
Crawl – Gray
Manowar – Sign Of The Hammer
Krokus – Back Seat Rock N Roll
Autograph – Down N Dirty
Deep – Point
Megadeth – 502
Death Angel – Bored
Ivory Tiger – Metal Mountain
Bang Tango – Do What You’re Told
Coney Hatch – Coming To Get You
The Famine – Behemoth
Kreator – Total Death
Warlock – True As Steel
Twisted Sister – The Fire Still Burns
Sweet Pain – Wink Of An Eye
L.A. Guns – Slap In The Face
Shadows Fall – Redemption
Leather – Shock Waves
Blue Cheer – Cut The Costs
Fireball Ministry – Two Tears
Fastway – Crazy Dream
Black Label Society – World Of Trouble