Blitzkrieg Playlist for May 18, 2018

Budgie – Crash Course In Brain Surgery
O’ Dette – Lights, Camera, Action
Armored Saint – Raising Fear (Live)
Anvil – Machine Gun
Lamb Of God – Bloodletting (Live)
Raven – You Got A Screw Loose
Helix – Long Way To Heaven
Helix – Boomerang Lover
Deaf Dealer – Free And Easy
Voivod – Blower
Egypt – Crazy Horses
Lillian Axe – Misery Loves Company
King Diamond – Cremation
Exorcist – Burnt Offering
Citizen Kane – Hot Blooded Rocker
Judas Priest – Deceiver
Wendy O.Williams – It’s My Life
Nuclear Assault – Torture Tactics
Lizzy Borden – Love Is A Crime
Drop Hammer – Pull The Rug Out
Ratt – What You Give Is What You Get
Artimus Pyledriver – Swamp Devil
Crimson Glory – New World Machine
Fleshcrawl – Path Of Endless Fire
Tattoo – Top Of The Rock
Testament – Alone In The Dark
Drain STH – Serve The Shame
Vicious Rumors – The Thrill Of The Hunt
Saxon – Roadie’s Song
Gruntruck – Body Farm
Scorpions – Speedy’s Coming
Laaz Rockit – Shot To Hell