Blitzkrieg Playlist for May 25, 2018

Black Water Rising – Show No Mercy
Ozzy Osbourne – Bang Bang (You’re Dead)
Quartz – Dangerous Game
AC/DC – First Blood
Ten Masked Men – Staying Alive
Helix – Heavy Metal Love
Helix – It’s Too Late
Motorhead – Deaf Forever
Gwar – Ham On The Bone
Purgatory – Tied To The Trax
Battlezone – Rip It Up
Overkill – Electro-Violence
Jodo – Wish You’d Never Been Born
Dio – Here’s To You
Cacophony – Sword Of The Warrior
Through The Eyes Of The Dead – Under Dying Skies
Sacrifice – Afterlife
Racer X – Scarified
D.C. Lacroix – Tomorrow Never Came
Ion Britton – Illusionation
Straw Dogs – Skull Garnish
Thrasher – Ride The Viper
Virgin Steele – Thy Kingdom Come
Kittie – My Plague
Thor – Heads Will Turn
Thor – Steal Your Thunder
Megadeth – Wake Up Dead (Live)
Accept – Starlight
Ivory Tiger – Chandar
Skid Row – Slave To The Grind
Venom – Acid Queen