Blitzkrieg Playlist for June 29, 2018

Black Water Rising – Pissed And Driven
Quiet Riot – Freak Flag
Cirith Ungol – Frost And Fire
Motley Crue – Too Fast For Love
Cannibal Corpse – The Pick-Axe Murders
Fireball Ministry – King
Fireball Ministry – In The Mourning
Fireball Ministry – Two Tears
Mercyful Fate – Night Of The Unborn
Ashes – Son Of Mourning
Helloween – Guardians
Alice In Chains – I Can’t Have You Blues
Axe – I Got The Fire
David T. Chastain – Wild And Truly Diminished
Ratt – Sweet Cheater
Witchery – Awaiting The Exorcist
T.T. Quick – A Wing And A Prayer
Killer Dwarfs – Stand Tall
UDO – Don’t Look Back
Vendetta – Never Die
Trash Broadway – Dangerous
Cradle Of Filth – Cthulhu Dawn
Vain – Secrets
Warlock – True As Steel
Axxis – She Got Nine Lives
Grave Digger – Don’t Kill The Children
Betsy – You Want It, You Got It
Belladonna – Mixed Emotions
Fireball Ministry – The Rover