Blitzkrieg Playlist for July 6, 2018

A-II-Z – No Fun After Midnight
Winger – Feeding Frenzy
Incubus – Helen Of Troy
Running Wild – Raging Fire
Manowar – Dark Avenger
Pentagram – Lay Down And Die
Pentagram – Forever My Queen
Pentagram – When The Screams Come
Decide – They Are Children Of The Underworld
Pierce – Outta Hand
Flotsam And Jetsam – No More Fun
Motley Crue – Stick To Your Guns
TNT – Deadly Metal
Alice Cooper – Sincerely Adaptable
Nasty Savage – Unchained Angel
Black N Blue – Bombastic Plastic
Children Of Bodom – Trashed, Lost & Strung Out
Phantom Blue – Last Shot
Heist – Tighter
Udo – Lay Down The Law
Voivod – Helldriver
Motorhead – Dance
Vandenberg – Pedal To The Metal
Tora Tora – Guilty
Black Fate – Wild In The Streets
Stephen Pearcy – Ten Miles Wide
Helix – Crazy Women
Accept – Don’t Give A Damn
Anvil – I’m Trying To Sleep
Black Label Society – Fire It Up
Black Sabbath – I