Blitzkrieg Playlist for August 3, 2018

Motorhead – Jailbait
Bible Black – Bible Black
Traitor – Feel The Steel
Spitfire – Lead Me On
Diabolical – Human Control
Motley Crue – Face Down In The Dirt
Motley Crue – City Boy Blues
Motley Crue – Starry Eyes
Dirty Rhythm – Waiting For The Money
Hate – Holy Dead Trinity
Dee Snider – For The Love Of Metal
Queensryche – Breaking The Silence
Assassin – Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)
Venom – Krackin’ Up
Fireball Ministry – Master Of None
Deaf Dealer – Don’t Get In My Way
Artch – Shoot To Kill
Hellion – The Tower Of Air
Dew-Scented – Bled Dry
Alcatrazz – General Hospital
Holy Moses – Walpurgis Night
Viking – Hellbound
S.A.D.O. – The Door
Brand New Sin – Did Me Wrong
Enter My Silence – Split
Icon – Rock My Radio
L.A. Guns – Give A Little
Helix – Long Way To Heaven
White Wizzard – High Roller