Blitzkrieg Playlist for December 21, 2018

Artist TitleAlbum
220 VoltHeavy XmasHeavy Xmas (Single)
Crimson GloryLady Of WinterTranscendence
Icarus Witch*Goodbye Cruel WorldGoodbye Cruel World
Stephen Pearcy*I'm A RattView To A Thrill
DefiantTalismanCan't Give It Up
Laaz RockitPrelude To Death (Live)Holiday In Cambodia (EP)
Laaz RockitForced To Fight (Live)Holiday In Cambodia (EP)
Laaz RockitBad BloodAnnihilation Principle
GwarWorld 'O FilthHell-O!
GwarU Ain't ShitHell-O!
OverkillFuck YouFuck You! (EP)
MegadethBreakpointHidden Treasures
Dead BangTake it AllDancin' On The Edge
Alice CooperNot That Kind Of LoveRaise Your Fist And Yell
AcceptStreet FighterAccept
CrowbarDead SunLifeblood For The Downtrodden
Impellitteri*Shine OnThe Nature Of The Beast
Britny FoxFun In TexasBritny Fox
Ion BrittonNite FriteEat Metal (EP)
Gotham CityThe CovenThe Unknown
Carnal ForgeFinal Hour Of HellAren't You Dead Yet?
Metalian*Edge Of The KnifeWasteland
L.S.N.Deadly KissMetal Massacre VIII
RiotKillerThe Privilege Of Power
VenomBlack XmasCalm Before The Storm
Y & TMasters And SlavesIn Rock We Trust
AvengerM.M. 85Too Wild To Tame – The Anthology
DruidThe RobberFour Curses (EP)
Ivory TigerStarchildMetal Mountain (EP)
Beyond FearComing At YouBeyond Fear
Bruce DickinsonTattooed MillionaireThe Best Of Bruce Dickinson

* = New Release