Blitzkrieg Playlist for May 3, 2019

Artist Title Album
Megadeth 99 Ways To Die Hidden Treasures
Acid Lost In Hell Engine Beast
Lizzy Borden Godiva Love You To Pieces
Yngwie J. Malmsteem’s Rising Force On The Run Again Marching Out
Fist Name, Rank and Serial Number Turn The Hell On
Impaler Bloodbath If We Had Brains….We’d Be Dangerous!
Carrie The Assassin Secrets
Pretty Maids Warchild 1983 Demo
Accept TV War Russian Roulette
David Michael Phillips King Of Kool Black Roses Soundtrack
Graves Of Valor Salarian Gate Salarian Gate
Queensryche * Man The Machine The Verdict
Medieval Steel Battle Beyond The Stars From The Megavault
Grim Reaper Suck It And See See You In Hell
Suffocation Surgery Of Impalement Souls To Deny
Udo Streets On Fire Mean Machine
220 Volt Money Talks Eye To Eye
Anthrax The Giant Worship Music
Betsy The Devil Made You Do It Betsy
Dio Caught In The Middle Holy Diver
Tattoo Top Of The Rock Blood Red
Terrorizer Blind Army Darker Days Ahead
Blind Rhino Lies Accused
Black Water Rising The Allure Of Self Destruction Pissed And Driven
Alice In Chains A Little Bitter The Last Action Hero Soundtrack
Hatebreed The Divinity Of Purpose The Divinity Of Purpose
Saxon Demon Sweeney Todd Into The Labyrinth
Black Sabbath I Witness Cross Purposes
Black Sabbath Cross Of Thorns Cross Purposes
Fireball Ministry Butcher Faker Policy Maker Fireball Ministry

* = New Release