Blitzkrieg Playlist for May 17, 2019

Artist Title Album
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg From The Vault
Misfits Attitude Static Age
Overkill Overkill Feel The Fire
Bang Tango Attack Of Life Psycho Cafe
Pantera All Over Tonight Projects In The Jungle
Lamb Of God More Time To Kill Sacrament
Briar Rose Astral Groover Roses Are Rare, Violence Is True
Lizzy Borden Ultra Violence Menace To Society
Keel Metal Generation Lay Down The Law
Queen Dead On Time Jazz
Burnt By The Sun Cardiff Giant Heart Of Darkness
Hear N Aid Stars Stars
Kingdom Come Perfect O In Your Face
Hunter Sign Of The Hunter Sign Of The Hunter
Pestilence The Trauma Consuming Impulse
Fireball Ministry Kick Back Fireball Ministry
Agent Steel Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force
Faster Pussycat Poison Ivy Wake Me When It’s Over
Deaf Dealer Sadist Keeper Of The Flame
Beneath The Massacre Bitter Dystopia
Voivod Fuck Off And Die Rrroooaaarrr
Wendy O. Williams Pedal To The Metal Kommander Of Kaos
Black Sabbath Tomorrow’s Dream Vol. 4
Ozzy Osbourne RR Blizzard Of Ozz
Motörhead The Hammer Ace Of Spades
Icarus Witch Reap What You Sow Draw Down The Moon
Lion’s Share Judas Must Die Dark Hours
Meliah Rage Death Valley Dream Death Valley Dream
Astral Doors Quisling New Revelation
Halloween Crawl To The Alter No One Gets Out!
Alice In Chains What The Hell Have I? The Last Action Hero Soundtrack