Jazz Flight Playlist for May 31, 2019

Artist Title Album
Theo Croker * Just Let It Ride Star People E-Nation
Rodney Whitaker * The Ringer Common Ground: The Music of Gregg Jill
Charlie Apicella and Iron City * Three Sided Groove Machine
Native Soul * Song of Secrets What Is That Isn’t
Alicia Olatuja * No Ordinary Love Intuition Songs: songs from the Minds of Women
Dave Stryker * we’ve Only Just Begun Eight Track III
Greg Abate * Gratitude Gratitude
Theo Croker * Portrait of Willilam star People E-Nation
Betty Carter * Tight The Music Never Stops
Herlin Riley * Rush Hour Perpetual Optimism
Michel Camilo * And Sammy Walked In Essence
Aina Figorova * Morning Mist Road to the Sun
Ron Jackson * A Lovely Day Standards and Other Songs
Reveries Do Come True * Vanessa Rubin The Dream Is you
Eric Reed * Cedar Waltzin Everybody Gets the Blues
Quianna Lynnell * Just A Little Loving A Little Loving
Avery Sharpe * Arrival 400
Etienne Charles * One for Senor Carnival
Kendrick Scott Oracle * Pleh A Wall Becomes a Bridge
Josean Jacobo & Tubao * Compadre Pedro Juan Cimarron
Ulysses Owens Jr * Baltimore Songs of Freedom
Joey Defrancesco * Easier to be In the Key of the Universe
Sugar * Mary Stallings Songs Were Made to Sing
Chuck Redd * Renewal Groove City
Dave Zinno Unisphere * Neurotico Stories Told
Joel Ross * Prince Lynn’s Twin Kingmaker
Alex Sill * Gaucho’s Thene Experiences: Real and Imaginery
Antonio Adolfo * Todo Dia Tema

* = New Release