Blitzkrieg Playlist for June 21, 2019

Artist Title Album
AC/DC War Machine Live At River Plate
Thor * Beginning Of The End Hammer Of Justice
Briar Rose Egowhore Dark Lord
Kix Blow My Fuse Blow My Fuse
The Black Dahlia Murder Flies Miasma
Pulver * Alpha Omega Kings Under The Sand
Glory Bell’s Band City In My Soul Dressed In Black
Pierce Danger Pierce
Metal Church Start The Fire The Dark
Headhunter Death Cult Beyond The Deepest Lie And The Sky Turns To Black…..
Scorpions Speedy’s Coming Flying To The Rainbow
Warrior Soul * Up The Dose Rock N Roll Disease
Flotsam And Jetsam Desecrator Doomsday For The Deceiver
CJSS World Gone Mad World Gone Mad
Fist Law Of The Jungle Turn The Hell On
Imperious Rex Red Diamonds From The Megavault
Exorcist Queen Of The Dead Nightmare Theatre
Tora Tora 28 Days Surprise Attack
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden Live After Death
Twisted Sister I Believe In Rock N Roll Come Out And Play
Tankard Alien (Live) Doomsday News III – Thrashing East Live
King Diamond Mother’s Getting Weaker Them
Fireball Ministry He Who Kills The Second Great Awakening
Killer Dwarfs I’m Alive Big Deal
Black Label Society House Of Doom Hangover Music Vol. VI
Grave Digger Ocean Of Blood Liberty Or Death
Angel Witch Gorgon Angel Witch
Metallica Whiplash Kill ‘Em All
Primal Fear Final Embrace Jaws Of Death

* = New Release