Blitzkrieg Playlist for July 26, 2019

Artist Title Album
AC/DC Shake Your Foundations Fly On The Wall
Grave Digger Let Your Heads Roll War Games
Nytemare Evil In Your Eyes Nytemare
Real Steel Never Mind The Money Real Steel
Angus The Centaur Crack Of Doom
Brain Drill Consumed By The Dead Apocalyptic Feasting
Sorcery Mark Of The Beast Stunt Rock
Black N Blue Rock On In Heat
Running Wild Raging Fire Port Royal
Dokken Bullets To Spare Tooth And Nail
Axe Rock N Roll Party In The Streets Offering
E-X-E Fatally Wounded Stricken By Might
Warrior Soul * Rock On Rock N Roll Disease
Rough Cutt Take Her Rough Cutt
Meliah Rage Death Valley Dream Death Valley Dream
Iron Maiden Quest For Fire Piece Of Mind
Impaler Speed Thrills If We Had Brains…..We’d Be Dangerous!
Ramones Too Tough To Die Too Tough To Die [2002 Remaster]
Thor * Beginning Of The End Hammer Of Justice
Virgin Steele I’m On Fire Noble Savage
Exhumed Decrepit Crescendo Contaminated 3.0
Vengeance Take It Or Leave it Take It Or Leave It
Vendetta Metal Law Brain Damage
Lion Shout It Out Dangerous Attraction
Motorhead Devil I Know Kiss Of Death
Joetown Curbside Sleeper Joetown
Megadeth Elysian Fields Youthanasia
Black Label Society Destruction Overdrive The Blessed Hellride
Lethal Obscure The Sky Programmed
Storms Approach Procession Storms Approach

* = New Release