Blitzkrieg Playlist for August 23, 2019

Artist Title Album
Sorcery I’m Back Rocktober Blood Soundtrack
Sorcery Killer On The Loose Rocktober Blood Soundtrack
Pentagram Lay Down And Die Curious Volume
Quiet Riot Terrified Terrified
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder You’ve Been Had Ghostmaker
Gary Moore Don’t Take Me For A Loser Corridors Of Power
Leatherwolf Street Ready Street Ready
Dirty Looks Cool From The Wire Cool From The Wire
Mallet-Head Slow Down Yeah Yeah Yeah
Black Sabbath Who Are You Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Beneath The Massacre Procreating The Infection Dystopia
Overkill Hello From The Gutter Under The Influence
Helix Don’t Touch The Merchandise Long Way To Heaven
Raven The Savage And The Hungry Life’s A Bitch
Roxx Gang Need Your Sex Things You’ve Never Done Before
Victory Let It Rock On Culture Killed The Native
Thor Thunderhawk Triumphant
D.C. Lacroix Tomorrow Never Came Crack Of Doom
Holy Moses Current Of Death Finished With The Dogs
Kick Axe Vices Vices
Metallica Stone Cold Crazy Garage Inc.
Laaz Rockit Holiday In Cambodia Annihilation Principle
Wrathchild Armed To Deliver L’ Amour Rocks
Warlock Speed Of Sound True As Steel
Motörhead Dance Ace Of Spades
Briar Rose My Girlfriend Is A Witch Dark Lord
Judas Priest Firepower Firepower
Cinder Soul Creation Soul Creation
Iron Maiden Prowler Iron Maiden
Anthrax Among The Living Return Of The Killer A’s
King Diamond Give Me Your Soul Give Me Your Soul…..Please