Blitzkrieg Playlist for September 20, 2019

Artist Title Album
AC/DC Givin’ The Dog A Bone Back In Black
AC/DC Baptism By Fire Rock Or Bust
Saxon Princess Of The Night Denim And Leather
Riot Run For Your Life Fire Down Under
Alice In Chains Lying Season Music Box
Obituary Boiling Point World Demise
Raven Seek And Destroy All For One
Steeler Ice Cold Strike Back
World War III The Harder They Come World War III
Fastway Tear Down The Walls Trick Or Treat Soundtrack
Pestilence Dehydrated Consuming Impulse
Pulver * Blacksmith’s Lament Kings Under The Sand
Banshee We Want You Metal Massacre IX
Noize Toys Hot & Wet Fallin’ In Lust….. (…..Again)
Cirith Ungol The Fire One Foot In Hell
Torture Killer Sadistic Swarm!
King Diamond Haunted Fatal Portrait
TNT Ready To Leave Knights Of The New Thunder
Dio Double Monday Angry Machines
Hurricane Hot And Heavy Take What You Want
Heretic Heretic The Breaking Point
Divine Empire Truth Be Denied Doomed To Inherit
Mary’s Head Vegan Bitch Mary’s Head
Helstar He’s A Woman, She’s A Man A Distant Thunder
Helix She’s Too Tough Wild In The Streets
Iron Maiden Prowler Iron Maiden
Despised Icon Bulletproof Scales The Healing Process
Queen Stone Cold Crazy Sheer Heart Attack
Anthrax Giving The Horns Born Again Idiot
Black Sabbath Guilty As Hell Forbidden
Judas Priest Deceiver Sad Wings Of Destiny
Corrosion Of Conformity Damned For All Time Blind

* = New Release