Broadband Noise Playlist for December 2, 2019

Artist Title Album
Andras Jones * Insecurely All You Get
Superchunk A Small Definition The Laughter Guns EP
Mercvrial * Otherworld The Stars, Like Dust
DNDR * When This Night Is Over All We Know EP
Perfume Genius Wreath No Shape
Squarepusher Iambic 9 Poetry Ultravisitor
Liss * Runaway Second
The Mackrosoft Snakerhythms Snakerhythms
The Mystery Lights * Wish That She’d Come Back Too Much Tension!
Nos Jones * Abandon In Place Fear of the Hypotenuse
Do Make Say Think I Love You (La, La, La) Apocalpse
Big Thief * Jenni U.F.O.F.
DNDR * Follow All We Know EP
Com Truise Glawio Galactic Melt
Sound Tribe Sector 9 Moonsocket (Live – Acoustic) Axe The Cables
Plaid Talk To Us Scintilli
Liss * Vibrations Second
Romeo Void Never Say Never (12′ Single Version) Benefactor
Pere Ubu Come Home Story of My Life
The Mystery Lights * Thick Skin Too Much Tension!
Cluster Buster Regiment Of The Undead Knee-Deep In The Dead
James Murphy/Lcd Soundsystem Losing My Edge Dfa Compilation #1
Big Thief * Century U.F.O.F.
Mercvrial * Pink Frost The Stars, Like Dust
Doxa Sinistra The Enterprise Conveyer Belt
Squarepusher Circlewave Ultravisitor
Andras Jones * Spin The Bottle All You Get
The Mystery Lights * Traces Too Much Tension!
Oingo Boingo Insanity Boingo
The War On Drugs Up All Night A Deeper Understanding

* = New Release