Blitzkrieg Playlist for April 3, 2020

Artist Title Album
Rhino Bucket Welcome To Hell And Then It Got Ugly
Rhino Bucket Ride With Yourself Get Used To It
Motorhead Jumpin’ Jack Flash Bastards
Faster Pussycat Cathouse Faster Pussycat
Queen Sheer Heart Attack (Live) Queen Rock Montreal
Morbid Angel Suffocation Altars Of Madness
Quartz Mainline Riders Quartz
Saxon The Devil’s Footprint Battering Ram
Totally Lost Cause Serious Trouble Serious Trouble
Riot Road Racin’ Narita
Sorcery Born To Rock Sorcery 2
Loud N Nasty Play Dirty Teaser Teaser
Pantera Mouth For War Vulgar Display Of Power
Gwar Meat Sandwich Ragnarok
Trash No More Rock Tonight Watch Out
London No Tell Motel Non-Stop Rock
Wolf Highway Rider Edge Of The World
Tora Tora Wild America Wild America
Body Count * Ace Of Spades Carnivore
Slayer Dittohead Divine Intervention
Talon Never Look Back Never Look Back
Waysted Won’t Get Out Alive Waysted
Riot Altar Of The King Fire Down Under
Priestess Lady Killer Prior To The Fire
Ded Engine Scream Ded Engine
Cocaine Cowboys Cocaine Cowboys Mental Disease
Motorhead Love For Sale Snake Bite Love

* = New Release