Broadband Noise Playlist for April 27, 2020

Artist Title Album
The Dream Syndicate * Dusting Off The Rust The Universe Inside
Plaid Assassouts Tekkonkinkreet
Pia Fraus * The New Water Empty Parks
Tame Impala * Instant Destiny The Slow Rush
Medeski Martin and Wood Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps) Friday Afternoon in the Universe
Mystery Jets * Hospital Radio A Billion Heartbeats
Porridge Radio * Pop Song Every Bad
Soulive Lenny Live at the Blue Note Tokyo
Ellis * Happy Born Again
Fiona Apple * Newspaper Fetch The Bolt Cutters
Glaxo Babies Burning Put Me On The Guest List
Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker You Want It Darker
Real Estate * Brother The Main Thing
Lanterns on the Lake * Before They Excavate Spook The Herd
Ramsey Lewis Julia Mother Nature’s Son
Tori Amos Spark From The Choirgirl Hotel
Yves Tumor * Gospel For a New Century Heaven to a Tortured Mind
Mystery Jets * Watching Yourself Slowly Disappear A Billion Heartbeats
From Indian Lakes Breathe, Desperately Absent Sounds
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Does Your Head Stop Suffer On
Real Estate * Silent World The Main Thing
The Dream Syndicate * Apropos of Nothing The Universe Inside
Mac Demarco Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans Rock And Roll Night Club
Ramsey Lewis Sexy Sadie Mother Nature’s Son
Caribou * Sister Suddenly
Fiona Apple * Ladies Fetch The Bolt Cutters
All Them Witches Charles William Lightning At The Door
Mystery Jets * Cenotaph A Billion Heartbeats
Lanterns On The Lake * This Is Not A Drill Spook The Herd
Soulive Flurries Live At The Blue Note Tokyo
Medeski Martin and Wood The Lover Friday Afternoon In The Universe

* = New Release