Blitzkrieg Playlist for May 22, 2020

Artist TitleAlbum
World War IIILove At First BiteWorld War III
SabreBring On The NightOn The Prowl
Black SabbathRat SaladParanoid
Black SabbathSt. Vitus DanceVol. 4
BansheePrecious MetalRace Against Time
Cannibal CorpseHollowed BodiesA Skeletal Domain
AssaultFight To WinSurvival In The Street
Subhumans CanadaSlave To My DickDeath Was Too Kind
Alice CooperIdentity CrisisesThe Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper
Mad SeasonLifeless DeadAbove
Sir Lord BaltimoreHell HoundKingdom Come
LoudnessHard Workin'Devil Soldier
LoudnessCrazy DoctorDisillusion
SuffocationInvoluntary SlaughterEffigy Of The Forgotten
BeastmakerSick Sick DemonInside The Skull
Ugly Kid JoeSo Damn CoolAmerica's Least Wanted
Black Water RisingReality CheckElectrified
ScorpionsCatch Your TrainVirgin Killer
Ace LaneRock & Roll In The CitySee You In Heaven
AcidLost In HellEngine Beast
Brutal TruthSimple MathEnd Time
Laaz RockitBrain WashLeft For Dead
MegadethHigh Speed DirtCountdown To Extinction
LeatherwolfTonight's The NightLeatherwolf
Quiet RiotTerrifiedTerrified
RattBetween The EyesInvasion Of Your Privacy
ScorpionsTop Of The BillIn Trance
Madd HatterFight The DragonMadd Hatter
HyksosThe KingsMetal Massacre Vol. II