Broadband Noise Playlist for June 22, 2020

Artist TitleAlbum
GoGo Penguin*OpenGoGo Penguin
Soccer Mommy*bloodstream color theory
Shadow Show*Charades Silhouettes
Real Estate*Shallow SunThe Main Thing
Shabaka and the Ancestors*’Til The Freedom Comes HomeWe Are Sent Here By History
The Heliocentrics*Light in the DarkInfinity Of Now
Deserta *Monica Black Aura My Sun
Moses Boyd*What NowDark Matter
Mogwai *Lesser GlasgowZEROZEROZERO
Braids *Young BuckShadow Offering
The Dream Syndicate*The LongingThe Universe Inside
Westerman *ConfirmationYour Hero Is Not Dead
Sondre Lerche*My Love Is Hard To ExplainPatience
Thundercat*King Of The HillIt Is What It Is
Mark Lanegan*I Wouldn't Want To SayStraight Songs Of Sorrow
Gleemer *Spread OutDown Through
Atomised*GoGo PenguinGoGo Penguin
Peter Bjorn and John*Idiosyncrasy Endless Dream
Damien Jurado*Fool MariaWhat's New, Tomboy
Soccer Mommy*yellow is the color of her eyescolor theory
Real Estate*Silent WorldThe Main Thing
Shabaka and the Ancestors*They Who Must DieWe Are Sent Here By History
Deserta *Black AuraBlack Aura My Sun
Shadow Show*The AlchemistSilhouettes
Slift *Dark Was Space, Cold Were The StarsUmmon
The Heliocentrics*Venom Infinity Of Now
GoGo Penguin*F Maj PixieGoGo Penguin
Mogwai*Witches Of AlignmentZEROZEROZERO
Shabaka and the Ancestors*The Coming Of The Strange OnesWe Are Sent Here By History

* = New Release