Music for Sunday Playlist for August 27, 2017

Steve Langone                                    Down by the Riverside                               Breathe

WDR Big Band                                   Oops                                                               Steppin’ Out

Marcus Monteiro                              Easier Said Than Done                               Another Part of Me

Dick Brewer                                       Buena Vista                                                   It’s All About Latin

Ron Francis Blake                            Night Dream                                                 Assimilation

John Stein                                          Switcheroo                                                    Wood & Strings

Carlos Vega                                        On A Mission                                                Bird’s Up

Armsted Christian                            In The Morning                                            The Wave is Coming

Terry Gibbs                                        All The Things You Are                               92 Years Young

Miles Donahue                                  Swamp House                                               The Bug

Mary Stallings                                   You Send Me                                                 Feelin’ Good

Gerald Cannon                                  One For Amos                                               Communications

Andy Adamson                                 Sunny Side Up                                               First Light

Gregory Porter                                 Take Me To The Alley                                  Take Me To The Alley

Wynton Marsalis                             La Cantatrice                                                  The Music of John Lewis

Joey DeFrancesco                            Project Freedom                                            Project Freedom

Greg Murphy                                   Cedar Salad                                                      Summer Breeze

Steve Kahn                                       Head Start                                                        Backlog

Jimmy Greene                                 Flowers                                                             Flowers – Vol II

Barbara Morrison                          Save Your Love For Me                                  I Love You, Yes I Do

Christian Sands                             Use Me                                                               Reach

Lena Horne                                    Something to Live For                                    We’ll Be Together Again

Nate Najar                                     500 Miles High                                                 This is Nate Najar

Houston Person                           Gentle Rain                                                        Jazz with Gentle Rhythms

Music for Sunday Playlist for August 6, 2017

Tim Ray                                                        Joy                                                 Windows

Phyllis Blanford                                         Good Morning Kiss                      Edgewalker

Freddy Cole                                                Maybe it’s Because I Love You   He Was The King

Dave Victorino                                          Invoidable                                       Boleros, Ballads & Bossa Novas

Walter Kemp                                             Color My Continent                      Dark Continent

Jerry Bergonzi                                           Gabriella                                         Spotlight on Standards

Chaise Lounge                                          A Cold, Cold Day in N.O.              The Lock and The Key

Darden Purcell                                         This Bitter Earth                             Where The Blue Begin

Corey Christiansen                                 John Hardy                                       Factory Girl

JD Allen                                                    Bigger Thomas                                 Americana

Abbey Lincoln                                          Living Room                                     Love Having You

Charlie Haden                                         Blue In Green                                    Time/Life

Greg Murphy                                           Sophisticated Lady                           Summer Breeze

Erik Jekabson                                          A Piece of the Action                       Erik Jekabson Quintet

Jimmy Greene                                         Second Breakfast                             Beautiful Life Vol II

Sweet Lu Olustosin                                Skin Game                                         Meet Me At The Crossroads

Terry Gibbs                                              Take The “A” Train                         92 Years Young

Colorado Jazz Orchestra                       I’m Old Fashioned                          Invitation

Oscar Hernandez                                    Alma Libre                                       The Art of Latin Jazz

Jesse Cook                                               On Walks the Night                        The Best of Narada

Kevin Eubanks                                       Watercolors                                      East West Time Line

Rick Britto                                               In The Sky                                         In The Sky

Hal Galper                                               O’s Time                                            Live At The Cota Jazz Festival

Sarah Partridge                                      Tatto                                                   Bright Lights & Promises

Rick Britto                                               My Mama                                          In The Sky

Rick Britto                                               Summer’s Night                               For Your Love

Music for Sunday Playlist for July 30, 2017

Dan Pratt                                    Junket                               Hymn for Happy Man

Cory Weeds                                Candy Man                       It’s Easy to Remember

Kait Dunton                               Wait for You                     Casual

Lisa Sanchez                              Some Other Time            Lisa Sanchez/Jon Ericksen Quartet

Carmen Lundy                          Afterglow                           Code Noir

Jimmy O’Connell                     In the Wee Small Hours  Arrythmia

Phil Parisot                                Collage                                Lingo

Harold Lopez-Nussa               Me Voy Pa’ Cuba               El Vaje

Jan Daly                                    God Bless this Child          When Sunny Gets Blue

Trombone Shorty                    ShortyVille                          Say That to Say This

Steve Slagle                               Inception                            Alto Manhattan

Joey DeFrancesco                   Lift Every Voice & Sing     Project Freedom

Jimmy Greene                         Someday                               Beautiful LIfe Vol II

Terry Gibbs                              Take the “A” Train              92 Years Young

Michel Camilo                         Black Orpheus                     Spain Forever

Diego Barber                           Big House                              One Minute Later

Marilyn Scott                          Daydream                              Blue Standard

Mads Tolling                           Pink Panther                         Playing in the 60’s

Trombone Shorty                  Do To Me                                Sampler

Mads Tolling                           My Girl                                   Playing in the 60’s

Steve Khan                               Criss Cross                            Backlog

Uptown Jazz Tentet               Letting Go                             There It Is

Bobby Watson                        The G.O.A.T                          Made in America

Tom Collier                             Odius Mode                           Impulsive Illuminations

Gerry Gibbs                             Plum Jazz                              Weather or Not

Kellye Gray                             Good Morning Heartache   Rendering

Oscar Hernandez                  Right On                                  The Art of Latin Jazz

Christian Sands                     Reaching for the Sun            Reach

Gerry Gibbs                            Black Satin                              Music of Miles Davis

Music for Sunday Playlist for June 18, 2017

Erik Jekabson                                       Streamlined                               A Brand New Take

Soul Jazz Fridays                                 The Grand Ave Get-Down       Green Lady Lounge 1809

New Jazz Standard Orchestra           Spring & Fall                              Waltz About Nothing

Armsted Christian                               You Give Me Love                     The Wave is Coming

Tom Collier                                           Odious Mood                              Impulsive Illuminations

Allison Adams Tucker                        When In Rome                           Wanderlust

Charlie Hunter                                    Who Put You Behind                 Everybody Has a Plan

Mark Christian Miller                       Moonray                                        Crazy Moon

Horace Silver                                      Song for my Father                     The Best of Horace Silver (pt2)

Professor Cunningham                     Black Coffee                                 The Rhythm Method

Horace Silver                                      The Cape Verdean Blues           The Best of Horace Silver

Oscar Hernandez                               Ft. Apache                                    The Art of Latin Jazz

Sonny Rollins                                     Echo Side Blue                             Global Warming

Daniella Schachter                            I Thought About You                  A Tribute to Van Heusenism

John Coltrane                                    I’ll Get By As Long as I Have     The Best of John Coltrane

Roy Hargrove                                    Starmaker                                       Eartool

Art Blakey                                          One for All                                       One for All

Gregory Porter                                 1960 What?                                      Water

Duke Ellington                                Satin Doll                                           Love Songs

Duke Ellington                                Take the A Train                              The Best of Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington                                Sophisticated Lady                          The Best of Duke Ellington

Candida Rose                                  Letter to my Father                          The Sum of Me

Bobby Watson                                The Jockey                                         Made in America

Paul Tynan                                      Karma’s Song                                    Bicoastal Collective

Jimmy Greene                                Second Breakfast                             Flowers

Duke Ellington                               Wanderlust                                       Wanderlust

Music for Sunday Playlist for May 07, 2017

Tim Warfield                                   Robert Earl                                Inspire Me!

John Coliannie                               I Only Have Eyes for You        After Hours

Joshua Breakstone                       Lolita                                            The Cello Quartet

Scott Brown                                   Waltz for Maia                            Colors

Oscar Hernandez                         The Art of Latin Jazz                  The Art of Latin Jazz

James Moody                               Moody’s Mood                              Return from Overbrook

Frank Kohl                                    My Funny Valentine                   Invisible Man

Candida Rose                               Kabu Verde                                   The Sum of Me

Charlie Sepulveda                       Peer Magic                                    Mr. EP

Judy Niemack                             Body & Soul                                   Listening to You

Mel Walden                                 My Dear Family                            My Dear Family

Jimmy Greene                            Flowers                                           Flowers

Jeremy Pelt                                 Digestion                                        Make Noise

Gregory Porter                           Take Me To The Alley                  Take Me To The Alley

Lisa Sanchez                               Some Other Time                         Lisa Sanchez

Wallace Roney                            Air Dancing                                   A Place in Time