Music for Sunday Playlist for April 23, 2017

John Colianni                            I Only Have Eyes for You                                After Hours

Carmen Lundy                           I Keep Falling                                                    Code Noir

Joshua Breakstone                    If You Could See Me Now                               88

John Colianni                             When Your Lover Has Gone                          Code Noir

Kenny Burrell                             Mama Ya Ya                                                      Live at Catalina’s

Joey De Francesco                    Peace Bridge                                                      Project Freedom

Fred Hughes                              Dolphin Dance                                                   Mattrix

Charlie Haden                           Blue in Green                                                      Time Life

Gregory Porter                          Take me To the Alley                                         Take me To the Alley

Wallace Roney                          My Ship                                                                 A Place in Time

Armsted R. Christian               In the Morning                                                   The Wave is Coming

Jeff Denson                                Once the Doors Open                                        Concentric Circle

Jean Watson-Jones                  I Thought About You                                         I Thought About You

Jeremy Pelt                                Bodega Social                                                      Make Noise!!

Greg Abate                                 Seasons                                                                 Road to Forever

Ray Charles                                Hey Girl!                                                              Genius Loves Company

Gerry Gibbs                                A Remark you Made                                         Weather or Not

Matt Otto                                    July Fourth                                                         Iberica

Lena Horne                                Forever was a Day                                             We’ll be Together Again

Mike LeDonne                          A Lot of Loving to Do                                        That Feelin’

James Moody                            We All Love Moody                                           Homage

Dianne Reeves                          Darn That Dream                                               A Little Moonlight

James Moody                           Lazy Afternoon                                                   Homage

Christian Sands                       Use Me                                                                  Reach

Miles Davis                               Orgone                                                                  Live at Montreau

Music for Sunday Playlist for April 09, 2017

Rex Abbasi                                  Self-Breeding                       Behind the Vibration

Joey DeFrancesco                     One                                         Protect Freedom

Charlie Sepulveda                     Peer Magic                            Mr. EP

Jeremy Pelt                                 Your First Touch                 Make Noise

Maya Rae                                     So Caught Up                       Sapphire Birds

Steve Slagle                                 Guess I’ll Hang my Tears Out to Dry      Alto Manhattan

Gerry Gibbs                                 Mr. Gone                               Weather or Not

Myles Wright                              Sketchbook                            The Manhattan EP

Corey Weeds                               It’s Easy to Remember         It’s Easy to Remember

Ark Ovrutski                               Brasilan Carnaval                  Sounds of Brasil

Marilyn Scott                              Willow Weep for Me             Standard Blue

Manuel Valera                            Hopeful                                    The Seasons

Jimmy Greene                            Second Breakfast                   Flowers

Gerry Gibbs                                The 70’s Song                         Weather or Not

Armsted R. Christian                Jamaican Lullabye                The Wave is Coming

Diana Krall                                  Love Letters                            The Look of Love

Kevin Eubanks                           Watercolors                             First West Time Line

Nancy Wilson                              Day Dream                             Love Nancy

Oscar Hernandez                        Ft. Apache                              The Art of Latin Jazz

Art Blakey                                     Green is Mean                       One for All

John Coltrane                              The Way you Look Tonight     The Best of John Coltrane

Jeff “tain” Watts                          Son of the Jitney Man           Blue Vol 2

Wynton Marsalis                        Piazza Havona                        The Music of John Lewis

Armsted Christian                     The Wave is Coming               The Wave is Coming

Miles Davis                                 So What                                     Miles and Coltrane

Music for Sunday Playlist for March 19, 2017

Frank Kohl                                                Invisible Man                      Invisible Man

David Friesen                                           Caravan                                Bactrian

Andrea Superstein                                   I Love Paris                         What Goes On

Corey Weeds                                             Candy Man                          It’s Easy to Remember

John Moulder                                           Ruby’s Way                         Earthborn Tales of Soul & Spirit

Jan Daly                                                     God Bless The Child         When Sunny Gets Blue

Allan Harris                                              I Remember You               Nobody’s Gonna Love You Better

Clare Fisher                                              Rockin’ & Rhythm             Intenso

Joshua Breakstone                                 Eighty-eight                        Eighty-eight

Dionne Warwick                                     A House is Not a Home    A House is Not a Home

Alex Levine                                              August                                  Towards the Center

Tim Warfield                                           Inspire Me                           Inspire Me!!

Etta Jones                                                At Last                                  At Last

Diana Krall                                             The Look of Love                The Look of Love

Barbara Paris                                         I Wanna Be Loved              Nine Decades of Jazz

Cyrus Chestnut                                     I Cover the Waterfront        Natural Essence

Tom Collier                                           Five Brothers                         Alone in the Studio

Armsted Christian                               You Give Me Love                 The Wave is Coming

Shana Tucker                                        Amazing Grace                      Shine

David Friesen                                        Rainbow Song                       Triple Exposure

Dan Costa                                               Bossa Nova                            Bossa Nova

Dan Pratt                                                Speak Low                              Hymn for the Happy Man

Abbey Lincoln                                        Living Room                          Love Having You Around

Stu Harrison                                          Blame It on My Youth          Volume I

Jessica Williams                                    Misty                                        The Real Deal

Lena Horne                                            Stormy Weather                     Seasons of a Life

Gene Ess                                                 Jade Stones                              Absurdist Theater

Music for Sunday Playlist for March 12, 2017

Myles Wright                                               Sketchbook                           The Manhattan EP

Rebecca Dumaine                                       This Happy Madness          Happy Madness

Charlie Sepulveda                                       Peer Magic                            Mr. EP

John Beasley                                                Skippy                                    MONK’estra

John Stein                                                    Angel Eyes                             Color Tones

Steve Slagle                                                 Viva La Famalia                    Alto Manhattan

Michel Camilo                                            Black Orpheus                       Spain Forever

Maya Rae                                                    Beautiful                                 Sapphire Birds

Wallace Roney                                           Air Dancing                           A Place in Time

Carol Morgan                                            Song for Mom                       Post Cool, Vol I

Mike LeDonne                                          Sweet Papa Lou                    That Feelin’

Beata Pater                                                Fire Dance                             Fire Dance

Jeremy Pelt                                               Make Noise!!                        Make Noise!!

Ben Markley                                             Fiesta Espanol                     Clockwise:  The Music of Cedar Walton

Ray Lyon                                                   Solar                                      Trinity One

Gerry Gibbs                                              Punk Jazz                             Weather Or Not

Hiro Suda                                                 Nagi                                       Nagi

Swiss Youth Jazz                                    No Way Boss                         Heaven Help Us All

Kurt Rosenwinkel                                  Ezra                                         Calpi

Greg Abate                                              Mr. Parker                              Road to Forever

Black Masala                                         Cool Breeze                             I Love You Madly

Tamuz Nissim                                       On a Clear Day                       Liquid Melodies

Chaise Lounge                                       A Cold, Cold Day in N.O.     The Lock and the Key

Carmen Lundy                                      I Got Your Number                Code Noir

Mads Tolling                                         Georgia on my Mind              Playing the 60’s

Heads of State                                       Four in One                             Four in One

Steve Khan                                            Our Town                                 Backlog

Miles Davis                                           Solea                                          Sketches of Spain

Music for Sunday Playlist for January 29, 2017

Alex Goodman                                            Family Breakfast                          Border  Crossing

Clifford Lamb                                             Bridges                                            Bridges

Y0-Yo Ma                                                    If Yoo Shall Return                       Sing Me Home

Gregory Porter                                          Holdin’ On                                      Take Me to the Alley

Christian McBride                                    The Lady in my Life                      Live at the Vanguard

Joe Locke                                                   Last Ditch Wisdom                       Love is a Pendulum

Carter Calvert                                           Let It Be                                           It’s a Man’s World

Ella Fitzgerald                                          Misty                                                Best of Ella

Pedrito Martinez                                     Mi Tempastao                                Habana Dreams

Dave Stryker                                            What’s Going On                           Eight Track II

Houston Person                                      Blame it on My Youth                  Chemistry

Armsted Christian                                  In The Morning                             The Wave is Coming

John Stein                                                Duke Ellington Medley                Bing Bang Boom!!

Joey Alexander                                       My Favorite Things                       My Favorite Things

Adrian Cunningham                             Down by the Riverside                  The Rhythm Method

Daria                                                        Strawberry Fields Forever            Strawberry Fields Forever

Eric Alexander                                      Jennie’s Dance                                 Second Impression

Dianne Reeves                                      What a Little Moonlight                 A Little Moonlight

Daria                                                       When I’m 64                                    Strawberry Fields Forever

Lenny Marcus                                       The In Crowd                                   Moving Fourth

Shawn Monteiro                                   Visit Me                                            Visit Me

Candida Rose                                        Kabu Verdi, Un Dia                       The Sum of Me

Raul Agraz                                             Beautiful Diana                              Between Brothers

Adrian Cunningham                           Black Coffee                                     The Rhythm Method

Stan Strickland                                    Softly as in a Morning Sunrise     Love and Beauty

Greg Abate                                           Mambo Mio                                      Happy Samba

Jerry Bergonzi                                    Red’s Blues                                       Just Within

Paul Brusger                                       Don’t Stop Now                               Go to Plan B