Blitzkrieg Playlist for January 24, 2020

Artist Title Album
Ozzy Osbourne Bloodbath In Paradise No Rest For The Wicked
Britny Fox Hair Of The Dog Boys In Heat
Madam X Cat’s Got Your Tongue We Reserve The Right
Bulletboys Goodgirl Freakshow
AC/DC Flick Of The Switch Flick Of The Switch
Obituary Internal Bleeding Slowly We Rot
Megadeth No More Mr. Nice Guy Hidden Treasures
Helix It’s Too Late Deep Cuts – The Best Of
Black Roses Dance On Fire Black Roses Soundtrack
Dio Night People Dream Evil
Hackneyed Ravenous Death Prevails
Ivory Tiger Metal Mountain Metal Mountain
Sinful Burn Your Eyes Gonna Raise Hell
Black N Blue Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door Without Love
Cats In Boots Judas Kiss Kicked & Klawed
Brand New Sin Did Me Wrong Tequila
E-X-E Stricken By Might Stricken By Might
Metallica Whiplash Kill ‘Em All
Fastway After Midnight Trick Or Treat Soundtrack
King Kobra Breaking Out Ready To Strike
Arch Enemy We Will Rise (Live) Dead Eyes See No Future
Motörhead Whiplash Under Cöver
Voivod Nothingface Nothingface
Judas Priest No Surrender Firepower
Lordi Bite It Like A Bulldog Deadache
Ratt Got Me On The Line Invasion Of Your Privacy
Egypt On The Road Egypt
Axxis Doom Of Destiny Doom Of Destiny
Lions Share Judas Must Die Dark Hours
Doctor Butcher Don’t Talk To Me Doctor Butcher
Leatherwolf Vagrant Leatherwolf

Blitzkrieg Playlist for January 17, 2020

Artist Title Album
AC/DC Rock Or Bust Rock Or Bust
Bulletboys Hard As A Rock Bulletboys
Shanghai Bad Love Take Another Bite
Quiet Riot * Last Outlaw Hollywood Cowboys
Pretty Maids * Serpentine Undress Your Madness
Megadeth 502 So Far…So Good…So What
Ozzy Osbourne Miracle Man No Rest For The Wicked
Masi God Promised A Paradise Downtown Dreamers
Yngwie J Malmsteen Dark Ages Trilogy
Danzig Hellmask Circle Of Snakes
Impaler Bloodbath If We Had Brains
Beneath The Massacre Reign Of Terror Dystopia
Uriah Heep Bird Of Prey …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble
Pandemonium Eye Of The Storm Hole In The Sky
Rough Cutt Kids Will Rock Rough Cutt
Vince Neil You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come) Exposed
Dead To Fall All My Heroes Have Failed Me The Phoenix Throne
Dokken Bullets To Spare Tooth And Nail
Eden Pound It Out Eden
Judas Priest Evil Never Dies Firepower
S.O.D. Speak English Or Die Speak English Or Die
Alice In Chains Again Nothing Safe
Shok Paris The American Dream Concrete Killers
Girlschool Watch Your Step Hit And Run
Wendy O. Williams I Love Sex (And Rock N Roll) W.O.W.
Death Mutilation Scream Bloody Gore
44 Magnum I’m On Fire Danger
Motorhead I Know How To Die The World Is Yours
Pentagram Everything’s Turning To Night Last Rites
Pentagram Treat Me Right Last Rites
Black Sabbath The Law Maker TYR

* = New Release

Blitzkrieg Playlist for January 10, 2020

Artist Title Album
Metallica Blitzkrieg Garage Inc.
Judas Priest Firepower Firepower
Pretty Maids * Undress Your Madness Undress Your Madness
Sven Gali Freakz Sven Gali
Suffocation Funeral Inception Despise The Sun
Phantom Blue Going Mad Phantom Blue
Mistrust Running For My Life Pacific Metal Project
Manchild Keep On Believin’ Pacific Metal Project
Jamie Lee Saint Woman Of Mystery Jamie Lee Saint
Killswitch Engage My Curse As Daylight Dies
Kiss Hotter Than Hell Double Platinum
Heavy Bones The Light Of Day Heavy Bones
Quiet Riot The Wild And The Young QR III
Death Angel Road Mutants Frolic Through The Park
Pantera Projects In The Jungle Projects In The Jungle
Grave Digger Pray Ballads Of A Hangman
Raven Crazy World The Devil’s Carrion
D.C. Lacroix Burn The Bridge Crack Of Doom
Dirty Looks Get Off Cool From The Wire
Every Mother’s Nightmare Hard To Hold Every Mother’s Nightmare
Holy Moses Finished With The Dogs Finished With The Dogs
Thor Slave Triumphant
Deaf Dealer Free And Easy Keeper Of The Flame
Blue Cheer Boney Maroney From The Megavault
Warlock Lady In A Rock N Roll Hell True As Steel
Earth * Exaltation Of Larks Full Upon Her Burning Lips
Lizzy Borden Sins Of The Flesh Master Of Disguise
Life Sex & Death Jawohl Asshole The Silent Majority
AC/DC Big Gun The Last Action Hero Soundtrack
Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls Ride The Lightning

* = New Release

Blitzkrieg Playlist for January 3, 2020

Artist Title Album
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg Deeper Into The Vault
Deep Purple Under The Gun Perfect Strangers
Dokken Tooth And Nail Tooth And Nail
Queen Stone Cold Crazy Live At The Rainbow ’74
Loudness Strike Of The Sword Hurricane Eyes
Graves of Valor Bridles Of Incitatus Salarian Gate
Suicidal Tendencies Join The Army Join The Army
Motley Crue Use It Or Lose It Theatre Of Pain
Vince Neil Sister Of Pain Exposed
Kiss 100,000 Years Double Platinum
Zodiac Mindwarp + The Love Reaction We ride We Are Volsung
Betsy You’ll Never Get Out (Of This Love Alive) Betsy
Pierce Screams In The Night Pierce
Quiet Riot * In The Blood Hollywood Cowboys
Cannibal Corpse I Will Kill You Gallery Of Suicide
Koda Khan Fantasy And Sci-Fi Northwest Metalfest
Blessed Death Pain Killer From The Megavault
Grim Reaper Waysted Love Rock You To Hell
Motörhead Death Machine Aftershock
Ozzy Osbourne RR Blizzard Of Ozz
Shok Paris One War With The World Concrete Killers
Keel Somebody’s Waiting Keel
Cephalic Carnage Touched By An Angel Xenosapien
Virgin Steele Rock Me Noble Savage
Vicious Rumors Out Of The Shadows Digital Dictator
Iron Maiden Running Free Iron Maiden
Metallica Escape Ride The Lightning
King Diamond Eye Of The Witch The Eye
Lion’s Share The Arsonist Emotional Coma
Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah The Arockalypse
Black Label Society What’s In You Mafia
Belladonna Power Trip Belladonna

* = New Release

Blitzkrieg Playlist for December 27, 2019

Artist Title Album
Harry Slash & The Slashstones This Is Extreme ECW: Extreme Music
Leatherwolf Alone In The Night Leatherwolf
Crimson Glory Valhalla Crimson Glory
Scorpions Dynamite Deadly Sting – The Mercury Years
Nasty Savage Dungeon Of Pleasure Nasty Savage
Napalm Death Sink Fast, Let Go Smear Campaign
Quiet Riot * Change Or Die Hollywood Cowboys
Dirty Looks Cool From The Wire Cool From The Wire
Prisoner Backstabber Rip It Up
Rough Cutt We Like It Loud Wants You
Gwar U Ain’t Shit Hell-O!
Lizzy Borden Council For The Cauldron Love You To Pieces
Sword Prepare To Die Sweet Dreams
Motorhead We Are Motorhead We Are Motorhead
Silent Rage Tear Up The Night Don’t Touch Me There
Kreator Ripping Corpse Pleasure To Kill
S.A.D.O. Stirke Back Dirty Fantasy
Pretty Maids * Slavedriver Undress Your Madness
Exises Fear For The Night Exises
Heaven Where Angels Fear To Tread Where Angels Fear To Tread
Helloween Mr. Torture The Dark Ride
Mudvayne Dig Mudvayne
Ozzy Osbourne One Up The B-Side Bark At The Moon
Laaz Rockit Say Goodbye M.F. Know Your Enemy
TNT Tell No Tales Tell No Tales
Judas Priest All Guns Blazing Painkiller
Megadeth Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good Live 1987
Pentagram Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram) Relentless
Krokus Firestar Hoodoo
Blitzspeer Sonic Glory Saves
Doctor Butcher Reach Out And Torment Someone Doctor Butcher
Joker Jane Jane (The Hurricane) Bad Channels Soundtrack
Scorpions Blackout Deadly Sting – The Mercury Years

* = New Release