Blitzkrieg Playlist for August 9, 2019

Artist Title Album
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
Hiroshima Down On My Knees Taste Of Death
Sleeze Beez When The Brains Go To The Balls Screwed, Blued & Tattooed
Black N Blue I’m The King Black N Blue
Dio Time To Burn Intermission
Repulsion Festering Boils Contaminated 3.0
Plasmatics Put Your Love In Me Coup D’ Etat
Lillian Axe Misery Loves Company Lillian Axe
Agent Steel The Ripper Mad Locust Rising
Motörhead Night Side Snake Bite Love
Habitual Sins Kiss Of Shame Personal Demons
Junkyard Hot Rod Junkyard
Nuclear Assault Final Flight Brain Death
Doro World Gone Wild Force Majeure
Salty Dog Cat’s Got Nine Salty Dog
Megadeth Bad Omen Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?
Zodiac Mindwarp Bad Girl City Tattooed Beat Messiah
U.D.O. Don’t Look Back Mean Machine
Legacy Underdog Legacy
Alice In Chains A Little Bitter The Last Action Hero Soundtrack
Behemoth Before Aeons Camre Demigod
Lizzy Borden No Time To Lose (Live) The Murderess Metal Road Show
Loudness Complication Lightning Strikes
Lordi Deadache Deadache
Iced Earth Ten Thousand Strong Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part 1
Leslie West Dyin’ Since The Day I Was Born Still Climbing
Judas Priest Cheater Rocka Rolla
Black Sabbath St. Vitus’ Dance Vol. 4
Carrie We Rock The Nation Secrets
Demon Flight Search And Destroy Flight of The Demon
Fist Hole In The Wall Gang Turn The Hell On
Fireball Ministry Turn To Stone Sucking The 70’s

Blitzkrieg Playlist for August 2, 2019

Artist Title Album
Dio Here’s To You Strange Highways
Dio Wild One Lock Up The Wolves
Helix When The Hammer Falls Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge
Rainbow Rock Fever Straight Between The Eyes
Warrior Soul * After The Show Rock N Roll Disease
Cannibal Corpse The Pick-Axe Murders The Bleeding
Armored Saint Mad House March Of The Saint
Anthrax Madhouse Return Of The Killer A’s
Accept Fast As A Shark Restless And Wild
Megadeth These Boots Killing Is My Business…..And Business Is Good!
Hatebreed Smash Your Enemies Perseverance
Ransom Throw The Stone Pacific Metal Project
After Dark Deathbringer Deathbringer
Blind Rhino S.I.V.E. Let There Be Pain
Briar Rose Hairy Eyeball Roses Are Rare, Violence is True
Chastain Evil For Evil The Voice Of The Cult
Krokus Back Seat Rock N Roll Metal Rendez-Vous
Gwar War Party War Party
Black Sabbath Wishing Well Heaven And Hell
Motorhead Motorhead Motorhead
Trouble Ride The Sky Simple Mind Condition
Dirty Looks Have Some Balls Turn Of The Screw
Viking Valhalla Do Or Die
Girlschool Don’t Call It Love Screaming Blue Murder
Slave Raider Burnin’ Too Hot Take The World By Storm
Cats In Boots Her Monkey Kicked & Klawed
Judas Priest Leather Rebel Painkiller
Marz Lady Of The Night Lady Of The Night
Queen Dead On Time Jazz
Incubus To The Devil A Daughter To The Devil A Daughter
Tora Tora Guilty Surprise Attack

* = New Release

Blitzkrieg Playlist for July 26, 2019

Artist Title Album
AC/DC Shake Your Foundations Fly On The Wall
Grave Digger Let Your Heads Roll War Games
Nytemare Evil In Your Eyes Nytemare
Real Steel Never Mind The Money Real Steel
Angus The Centaur Crack Of Doom
Brain Drill Consumed By The Dead Apocalyptic Feasting
Sorcery Mark Of The Beast Stunt Rock
Black N Blue Rock On In Heat
Running Wild Raging Fire Port Royal
Dokken Bullets To Spare Tooth And Nail
Axe Rock N Roll Party In The Streets Offering
E-X-E Fatally Wounded Stricken By Might
Warrior Soul * Rock On Rock N Roll Disease
Rough Cutt Take Her Rough Cutt
Meliah Rage Death Valley Dream Death Valley Dream
Iron Maiden Quest For Fire Piece Of Mind
Impaler Speed Thrills If We Had Brains…..We’d Be Dangerous!
Ramones Too Tough To Die Too Tough To Die [2002 Remaster]
Thor * Beginning Of The End Hammer Of Justice
Virgin Steele I’m On Fire Noble Savage
Exhumed Decrepit Crescendo Contaminated 3.0
Vengeance Take It Or Leave it Take It Or Leave It
Vendetta Metal Law Brain Damage
Lion Shout It Out Dangerous Attraction
Motorhead Devil I Know Kiss Of Death
Joetown Curbside Sleeper Joetown
Megadeth Elysian Fields Youthanasia
Black Label Society Destruction Overdrive The Blessed Hellride
Lethal Obscure The Sky Programmed
Storms Approach Procession Storms Approach

* = New Release

Blitzkrieg Playlist for July 19, 2019

Artist Title Album
AC/DC Back In Business Fly On The Wall
Warrior Soul * Off My Face Rock N Roll Disease
Armored Saint March Of The Saint March Of The Saint
Queen Sheer Heart Attack News Of The World
Rigor Mortis Chained In The Attic Freaks
Blue Cheer Out of Focus Vincebus Eruptum
Raven Do Or Die Mad
Britny Fox Girlschool Britny Fox
Thor Let The Blood Run Red Only The Strong
Cattle Decapitation Unintelligent Design Karma Bloody Karma
D.D.T. Let The Screw Let The Screw…..Turn You On!
Overkill I Hate The Years Of Decay
Savatage Sirens Sirens
Kreator Flag Of Hate Tormentor
Hirax Warlords Command Raging Violence
Sea Hags Half The Way Valley Sea Hags
Fastway Station All Fired Up
Joetown People Who Rock Joetown
Children Of Bodom We’re Not Gonna Fall Are You Dead Yet?
Hellion Break The Spell Up From The Depths
Wendy O. Williams It’s My Life W.O.W.
Warlock True As Steel True As Steel
Lullacry Fire Within Fire Within
Lordi Bringing Back The Balls To Rock The Arockalypse
Judas Priest Firepower Firepower
Megadeth I Ain’t Superstitious Peace Sells…..But Who’s Buying?
King Diamond Father Picard The Eye
Bpne Shaker Notorious Bang…..You’re Dead!
Tony Iommi and Henry Rollins Laughing Man (In The Devil Mask) Iommi
Mystic Prophecies Nightmares Of Demons Savage Souls

* = New Release

Blitzkrieg Playlist for June 28, 2019

Artist Title Album
Queen Stone Cold Crazy Sheer Heart Attack
Warrior Soul * Rock N Roll Disease Rock N Roll Disease
AC/DC Give It Up Stiff Upper Lip
Battlezone I Don’t Wanna Know Children Of Madness
Thor Only The Strong Only The Strong
Obituary Bloodsoaked Slowly We Rot
Black Water Rising Pissed And Driven Pissed And Driven
Hellion Karma’s A Bitch Karma’s A Bitch
Ratt The Morning After Out Of The Cellar
Rage Ready To Go Nice N Dirty
Rotten Sounds Dead Remains Napalm
Death Angel Bored Frolic Through The Park
Frehley’s Comet Fallen Angel Second Sighting
Thor * Warp 5000 Hammer Of Justice
Lizzy Borden Godiva Love You To Pieces
Straw Dogs What Will You Do? We Are Not Amused
D’Molls A-C-T-I-O-N D’Molls
Juggernaut Rains Of Death Baptism Under Fire
Dismember When Iron Crosses Grow Where Iron Crosses Grow
Sin City All Night Long Sin City
Keel No Pain, No Gain The Final Frontier
Pulver * Qarinah Kings Under The Sand
Dark Haze I’ve Seen The Light Five Years
Jetboy Make Some Noise Feel The Shake
Pentagram The Diver Review Your Choices
Rob Zombie Burn Hellbilly Deluxe 2
Mares Of Thrace The Perpetrator The Pilgrimage
Disciple Here And Now Disciple
Crimson Glory War Of The Worlds Astronomica
Judas Priest Flame Thrower Firepower
Accept Starlight Breaker
Faster Pussycat Ain’t No Way Around It Wake Me When It’s Over

* = New Release