Blitkrieg Playlist for October 12, 2018

Dee Snider – American Made
Traitor – Shot Down
Megadeth – 502
Sinful – You Gotta Rock
Overkill – Can’t Kill A Dead Man
Quiet Riot – Freak Flag
Quiet Riot – Trouble
Quiet Riot – The Wild And The Young
Evergreen Terrace – Wolfbiker
Druid – The Robber
Deadringer – Come Out Fighting
Badlands – High Wire
Gilgamesj – Oppression
The Death Wheelers – I Tread On Your Grave
Battlezone – Feel The Rock
Alice In Chains – The One You Know
Napalm Death – Just Rewards
Cirith Ungol – Blood & Iron
Lords Of The Crimson Alliance – Arms Of Morpheus
Leather – Shock Waves
Hear N Aid – Stars
Skinless – Deathwork
Kingdom Come – Living Out Of Touch
Chastain – Not Much Breathing
Holy Moses – Torches Of Hire
Dirty Looks – Have Some Balls
Diamond Head – Lightning To The Nations
Cry Wolf – Behind The Smile
Skid Row – Monkey Business

Blitzkrieg Playlist For October 5, 2018

Accept – Son Of A Bitch
Ozzy Osbourne – Miracle Man
Quartz – Dangerous Game
Armored Saint – You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide
Gwar – Bring Back The Bomb
Quiet Riot – Can’t Get Enough
Quiet Riot – Look In Any Window
Quiet Riot – Party All Night
Pandemonium – Driving Away
Bloodbath – Process Of Disillumination
Keel – It’s A Jungle Out There
Celtic Frost – Seduce Me Tonight
Motorhead – Hell On Earth
Grim Reaper – See You In Hell
Jetboy – Bad Disease
Blackwater Holylight – Carry Her
The Death Wheelers – Backstabber
Eden – The Bigger They Are
Yngwie J Malmsteem’s Rising Force – Anguish And Fear
Cephalic Carnage – Molting
Dee Snider – Mask
Impaler – Bloodbath
Girlschool – Not For Sale
Shok Paris – Steel And Starlight
Tora Tora – Walkin’ Shoes
Toxic Holocaust – Nuke The Cross
Jerry Williams – Crazy ‘Bout You, Baby
Menace – Hard Way
Angel Witch – Sorceress
Judas Priest – Freewheel Burning

Blitzkrieg Playlist for September 28, 2018

Deep Purple – Time For Bedlam
Ozzy Osbourne – Tattooed Dancer
Grim Reaper – Rock You To Hell
Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – Walking In The Shadows
Ill Nino – God Is For The Dead
Anthrax – Deathrider
Anthrax – Caught In A Mosh (Live)
Anthrax – Giving The Horns
Suicidal Tendencies – Join The Army
Children Of Bodom – Bastards Of Bodom
Uriah Heep – Grazed By Heaven (Alt. Version)
Malice – Squeeze It Dry
Dokken – Stick To Your Guns
Hurricane – The Girls Are Out Tonight
Grave Digger – Blade Of The Immortal
Mallet-Head – Killer Pussy
Before There Was Rosalyn – The Adversary
Quiet Riot – Scream And Shout
Krokus – Heatstrokes
The Death Wheelers – Moto Vampiro
Raven – All For One
220 Volt – The Harder They Come
Motorhead – Poison
Warlock – Mr. Gold
Vain – 1,000 Degrees
Laaz Rockit – Say Goodbye M.F.
Cellblock One – Love My Hate
Fireball Ministry – Hellspeak

Blitzkrieg Playlist for September 21, 2018

Avenger – Victims Of Force
Crossfield – Take It
Deep Purple – A Gypsy’s Kiss
Gary Moore – Devil In Her Heart
Confessor – Prepare Yourself
Anthrax – Earth On Hell
Anthrax – Antisocial
Anthrax – Ball Of Confusion
AC/DC – Spellbound
Coven – Satanic As Hell
Grave Digger – Fear Of The Living Dead
Grave Digger – Heaven Can Wait
Anthem – Death To Death
Rhett Forrester – Payin’ The Price
The Black Dahlia Murder – I’m Charming
Black N Blue – Wicked Bitch
Metal Church – Over My Dead Body
Iron Maiden – Aces High (Live)
Dio – Dream Evil
Devil Childe – Beyond The Grave
The Death Wheelers – Black Crack
Bloodlust – Chainsaw
Steeler – Chain Gang
Exciter – Cry Of The Banshee
Vengeance – Take Me To The Limit
Venom – Calm Before The Storm
Beau Nasty – Love To The Bone
Fireball Ministry – I Don’t Believe A Word

Blitzkrieg Playlist for September 14, 2018

Motorhead – Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye
Armed Forces – The Night Rider
Jackal – What’s It Gonna Be
Grim Reaper – Rock You To Hell
Andy Rehfeldt – Mary Poppins
Anthrax – Panic
Anthrax – Medusa (Live)
Anthrax – Only
Kix – Piece Of The Pie
Damageplan – F*** You
Salty Dog – Where The Sun Don’t Shine
Loudness – Face To Face
Leatherwolf – Rule The Night
Taramis – Lord Of The Blackfields
Annihilator – Alison Hell
Suffocation – Translucent Patterns Of Delirium
Armored Saint – For The Sake
Kick Axe – All The Right Moves
Pathology – Media Consumption
Uriah Heep – Goodbye To Innocence
Graham Bonnet Band – Meanwhile, Back In The Garage…….
Black Roses – Dance On Fire
Juggernaut – The Impaler
Warlock – Lady In A Rock N Roll Hell
Wendy O. Williams – Ain’t None Of Your Business
Saviours – Raging Embers
Bruce Dickinson – Taking The Queen