Blitzkrieg Playlist for April 24, 2020

Artist Title Album
Iron Maiden The Wicker Man Brave New World
Hellion Hell Has No Fury Karma’s A Bitch
Ozzy Osbourne You Looking At Me, Looking At You Blizzard Of Ozz
Angel Witch Evil Games ’82 Revisited
Cannibal Corpse Unnatural Evisceration Plague
Pentagram Burning Rays Review Your Choices
W.A.S.P. Mercy Dominator
Dirty Deal To Hell And Back Again Dirty Deal
Mad Margritt Down In Flames Show No Mercy
Sexist Fire And Wind Metal Massacre Vol. III
Dark Age Viper Dark Age
Girlschool Back To Start Hit And Run
Victorius * Space Ninjas From Hell Space Ninjas From Hell
Bulletboys Kissin’ Kitty Bulletboys
Motley Crue Starry Eyes Too Fast For Love
Dirty Looks Five Easy Pieces Five Easy Pieces
Kiss In Your Face Psycho Circus
Suffocation Dismal Dream Blood Oath
Queen Stone Cold Crazy Live At The Rainbow ’74
Ramones Psycho Therapy Subterranean Jungle [2002 Remaster]
Motörhead Dogs Of War Snake Bite Love
Accept T.V. War Russian Roulette
Tokyo Blade Powergame Tokyo Blade
Surgical Steel Rivit Head Metal Massacre Vol. II
Leatherwolf Alone In The Night Endangered Species
Malice Murder License To Kill
Metal Church The Dark The Dark
Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone To The Limit Children Of Madness

* = New Release

Blitzkrieg Playlist for April 17, 2020

Artist Title Album
Night Demon Night Demon Night Demon
Blue Cheer Outrider Dining With The Sharks
Hellion Karma’s A Bitch Karma’s A Bitch
Malice License To Kill License To Kill
Bolt Thrower The Shreds Of Sanity War Master
Ugly Kid Joe You Make Me Sick Stairway To Hell
Every Mother’s Nightmare Bad On Love Every Mother’s Nightmare
Joker Jane Jane (The Hurricane) Bad Channels Soundtrack
Rated X Headless Matter Of Taste
Kiss Unholy Revenge
Wendy O. Williams Reform School Girls Reform School Girls Soundtrack
Torture Killer Rats Can Sense The Murder Sewers
Black Sabbath Selling My Soul Reunion
Mad Avenue Bad Girl Metal Maniaxe
Quiet Riot It’s Not So Funny Quiet Riot I
Quiet Riot Killer Girls Quiet Riot II
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction Backseat Education Tattooed Beat Messiah
Sodom Turn Your Head Around Better Off Dead
D.C. Lacroix Tomorrow Never Came Crack Of Doom
Steel Panther Death To All But Metal (Radio Edit) Death To All But Metal
Ozzy Osbourne I Can’t Save You Black Rain
Gwar Sick Of You Scumdogs Of The Universe
Helix Axe To Grind Bastard Of The Blues
Tesla Hang Tough The Great Radio Controversy
La Mort Fist And Chain Metal Massacre Vol. III
Angel Witch Nowhere To Run ’82 Revisited
Girlschool Deadline Demolition
Helloween I’m Alive Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt. 1
Ugly Kid Joe Tomorrow’s World Menace To Sobriety

Blitzkrieg Playlist for April 10, 2020

Artist TitleAlbum
FirehouseRock You TonightHold Your Fire
Frehley's CometInsaneSecond Coming
MarzLady Of The NightLady Of The Night
Mad MargrittLoaded GunAnimal
CrowbarSever The Wicked HandSever The Wicked Hand
AcceptMonstermanRussian Roulette
VirtueWe Stand To FightWe Stand To Fight
VictoryChicks On DisplayVictory
HelloweenSole SurvivorMaster Of The Rings
Six Feet UnderHuman TargetHaunted
AnthraxMonster At The EndFor All Kings
Crimson GloryValhallaCrimson Glory
Black SabbathPsycho ManReunion
Twisted SisterKill Or Be KilledCome Out And Play
MegadethMelt The Ice AwayDystopia
Angel WitchThey Wouldn't Dare'82 Revisited
LondonDrop The BombDon't Cry Wolf
KissThou Shalt NotRevenge
HatebreedBurn The LiesSatisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
Dirty RhythmFeel The FireHard As A Rock
SorceryTalking To The DevilStunt Rock
SaxonStand Your GroundBattering Ram
Laaz RockitHoliday In CambodiaAnnihilation Principle
Pretty MaidsNight DangerRed Hot And Heavy
RipperDon't Tie Me DownAnd The Dead Shall Rise
VictoryTurn It UpDon't Get Mad…Get Even

Blitzkrieg Playlist for April 3, 2020

Artist Title Album
Rhino Bucket Welcome To Hell And Then It Got Ugly
Rhino Bucket Ride With Yourself Get Used To It
Motorhead Jumpin’ Jack Flash Bastards
Faster Pussycat Cathouse Faster Pussycat
Queen Sheer Heart Attack (Live) Queen Rock Montreal
Morbid Angel Suffocation Altars Of Madness
Quartz Mainline Riders Quartz
Saxon The Devil’s Footprint Battering Ram
Totally Lost Cause Serious Trouble Serious Trouble
Riot Road Racin’ Narita
Sorcery Born To Rock Sorcery 2
Loud N Nasty Play Dirty Teaser Teaser
Pantera Mouth For War Vulgar Display Of Power
Gwar Meat Sandwich Ragnarok
Trash No More Rock Tonight Watch Out
London No Tell Motel Non-Stop Rock
Wolf Highway Rider Edge Of The World
Tora Tora Wild America Wild America
Body Count * Ace Of Spades Carnivore
Slayer Dittohead Divine Intervention
Talon Never Look Back Never Look Back
Waysted Won’t Get Out Alive Waysted
Riot Altar Of The King Fire Down Under
Priestess Lady Killer Prior To The Fire
Ded Engine Scream Ded Engine
Cocaine Cowboys Cocaine Cowboys Mental Disease
Motorhead Love For Sale Snake Bite Love

* = New Release

Blitzkrieg Playlist for March 27, 2020

Artist Title Album
Meliah Rage Death Valley Dream Death Valley Dream
Bullet Storm Of Blades Storm Of Blades
Uriah Heep So Tired Wonderworld
Budgie Crime Against The World Power Supply
Battle Axe Porsche Force We’re On The Attack
Blue Cheer Good Times Are So Hard To Find The Original Human Being
Dunbarrow Try And Fail Dunbarrow
Ded Engine Kings Of The City Ded Engine
Riot City Burn The Night Burn The Night
Body Count * Carnivore Carnivore
Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden The Apparition Fear Of The Dark
Ozzy Osbourne * Straight To Hell Ordinary Man
Napalm Death Distorting The Medium Utopia Banished
Sittin’ Pretty Lola’s Place Sittin’ Pretty
Wages Of Sin Sleazy Wages Of Sin
Stallion * Dynamiter Slaves Of Time
Cannibal Corpse The Undead Will Feast Eaten Back To Life
Alice In Chains Bleed The Freak Facelift
Fastway Trick Or Treat Trick Or Treat Soundtrack
Crimson Glory Queen Of The Masquerade Crimson Glory
Black Sabbath Electric Funeral (Live) Reunion
Queen Dead On Time Jazz
Helix Wild In The Streets Wild In The Streets
Blue Oyster Cult I’m On The Lamb But I Ain’t No Sheep Blue Oyster Cult
Crow Evil Woman The Best Of Crow
Alice Cooper You’re My Temptation The Last Temptation

* = New Release