FM 89.3’s Final Hours – Audio

Did you miss the final hours of WUMD on the 89.3 FM frequency? Did you NOT miss it, but would like to hear it again? Here is the final broadcast in four convenient hours.

Join us on Monday, June 26th, 2017 as we celebrate 42 years of FM broadcasting!

Tune in to FM 89.3 WUMD to hear current DJs and a some surprise guests pay tribute to our beloved listening community, the music and the people of  WUSM/WSMU/WUMD. We’ll play favorites from the 42 years we have been on-air starting at 8 am, ending at 11:59 am. We will close the chapter on WUSM/WSMU/WUMD’s FM history at noon and start a new chapter as an online station at 12:01. We’ll have a live video feed from the studio; watch it on and on our Facebook page. #JustListen