Big Pile of Bones Playlist for November 28, 2016

november 28, 2016
edition #692
thee commons / wampiro
hiss golden messenger / ace of cups hung low band
neil young / changes
lambchop / old masters
elephant revival / raindrops
goat / trouble in the streets
honeyblood / sister wolf
wooden shjips / in the rosese
the wytches / dumb fill
hooton tennis club / big box of chocolates
arbor labor union / ihu
chuck berry / schooldays
deap vally / turn it off
death cab for cutie / you’re a tourists
crocodiles / time to kill
modest mouse / breakthrough
david bowie / lady grinning soul
diamanda galas / baby’s insane
pink floyd / keep talking
muddy waters / i want to be loved
genesis / back in n.y.c.
the cure / grinding halt
the peep tempel / go slow
apples in stereo / haley
la femme / ou va le monde
delta 5 / final scene
curtis mayfield / superfly
one hour of the big pile of bones was done by an intern.
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Big Pile of Bones Playlist for November 21, 2016

november 21, 2016
edition #691
lee “scratch” perry / i am a psychiatrist
billy bragg / o freedom
frank zappa / dirty love
be your own pet / bitches leave
alejandro escovedo / beauty and the buzz
cymbals eat guitars / have a heart
the peep tempel / neuroplasticity
the shacks / orchids
nots / cosmetics
pretenders / one more day
the gits / second skin
honeyblood / cruel kids
bow wow wow / c30 c60 c90 go
lyres / never met a girl like you
comet gain / beatnik
kristin hersh / in stitches
leonard cohen / so long marianne
second sky / dragon fly
frank black & the catholics / whiskey in your shoes
the replacements / i will dare
jimi hendrix / hound dog blues
arbor labor union / belief’d
sex pistols / pretty vacant
sleater-kinney / fade
zeep / heads you win
david byrne / things to do (i’ve tried)
the shondes / bright again
la sera / shadow of your love (slight return)
nick cave & the bad seeds / anthrocene
ex-cult / attention ritual (no one sees)
warpaint / whiteout
deap vally / royal jelly
coast modern / the way it was
goat / psychedelic lover
hüsker dü / ticket to ride
bridges & powerlines / free yourself
the zig zags / total recall
the fall / early days of channel zero
the rolling stones / 2000 light years from home
dinowalrus / compass rose
elephant revival / home in your heart
the silver lake chorus / timberline
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Big Pile of Bones Playlist, November 14, 2016

november 14, 2016
edition #690
the zig zags / my lighter
the peep tempel / brains
alejandro escovedo / suit of lights
deap vally / smile more
the faint / paranoiattack
leonard cohen / there is a war
leonard cohen / born in chains
leonard cohen / bird on the wire
leonard cohen / first we take manhattan
leon russell / delta lady
leon russell / back to the island
leon russell / lady blue
leon russell / this masquerade
goat / temple rhythms
cymbals eat guitars / finally
balkan beat box / i trusted u
roxy music / a song for europe
in letter form / mal de mer
pretenders / blue eyed sky
kristin hersh / elysian fields
ex-cult / mister investigator
joan as police woman & benjamin lazar davis / station
tad / boiler room
crocodiles / jailbird
tanya donelly / between the bars
essential logic / albert
nick cave & the bad seeds / i need you
traffic / shanghai noodle factory
art d’ecco / let’s go home together
the wytches / crest of death
warpaint / don’t wanna
phantogram / funeral pyre
smoove & turrell / glue bag flags
the shangri-las / leader of the pack
heaters / turkish gold
honeyblood / love is a disease
the pack a.d. / error
tacocat / plan a, plan b
chad vangaalen / leaning on bells
santana / soul sacrifice
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Big Pile of Bones Playlist, November 7, 2016

november 7, 2016
edition #689
the black angels / i hear colors (chromaesthesia)
the vandals / little weirdo
art d’ecco / nothing ever changes
dmz / you’re gonna miss me
cymbals eat guitars / mallwalking
moldy peaches / little bunny foo foo
the english beat / noise in this world
nick cave & the bad seeds / distant sky
the handsome family / so much wine
billy bragg & joe henry / railroad bill
hiss golden messenger / cracked windshield
pretenders / never be together
courtney barnett / pedestrian at best
deap vally / bubble baby
los straitjackets / space mosquito
bob seger & the last herd / heavy music pt. 2
joan as policewoman / hurts so bad
warpaint / dre
jessica brown-findlay / anyone who knows what love is (will understand)
etta james & sugar pie desanto / in the basement
honeyblood / justine misery queen
joy division / no love lost
goat / goat fuzz
sonic youth / calming the snake
heaters / orbs
ladyfinger (ne) / bones
kristin hersh / bubble net
the devil makes three / chase the feeling
the pack a.d. / los angeles
phantogram / run run blood
the wytches / a dead night again
j. mascis / waltz #2
new young pony club / grey
iggy & the stooges / penetration
the donnas / friends like mine
interpol / c’mere
ex-cult / new face on
the zig zags / giving up the ghost
the undertones / more songs about chocolate and girls
new bomb turks / automatic teller
feral conservatives / last light
royal city / postcards
the pine hill haints / my bones are gonna rise again
viva voce / a viking love song
ska cubano / soy campesino
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Big Pile of Bones Playlist, October 31, 2016

october 31, 2016
edition #688
balkan beat box / mad dog
fela kuti & egypt ’70 / water no get enemy
afrobop alliance / revelation
the coathangers / tonya harding
goat / i sing in silence
sharon van etten / one day
the zig zags / lizard
elvis presley / crawfish
the feelies / decide
warpaint / today dear
the wytches / throned
coast modern / hollow life
the velvet underground / venus in furs (demo version)
elvis costello & the imposters / stella hurt
nots / rat king
gang of four / armalite rifles
say anything / coked up speeding
50 foot wave / bath white
heaters / centennial
the beach boys / do it again
cymbals eat guitars / close
flipper / (i saw you) shine
tacocat / leisure bees
the devil makes three / what would you give (in exchange for your soul)
dinowalrus / the silent earth
crocodiles / time to kill
black marble / self guided tours
pixies / all i think about now
deap vally / heart is an animal
mogwai / fat man
nick cave & the bad seeds / skeleton tree
the thompson twins / a product of…
t-rexstasy / daylight lover
the slits / so tough
bridges and powerlines / before the show
ebo taylor / heaven
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